Agna First Aid Box

Agna Healthcare has been committed to the R&D, production, and sales of a series of products for medication administration, enteral Feeding Set, blood sample collection, modern wound care, and surgical drainage, etc.


Agna First Aid Box




This DIN 13157-C first aid kit is packed in a high quality ABS case. It is suitable for 1 – 50 employees in administrative and commercial companies, for 1 – 20 employees in manufacturing and processing companies, or for 1 – 10 employees in construction sites.

  • With rubber seal
  • Impact and shatterproof
  • Individually sealed in foil
  • Also suitable for use in schools


ITEM No: DIN13157
Name: First Aid Box
Material: ABS (Customized according to your needs)
Product Size: 28x20x12 cm
Product weight: 200-500g(Customized according to your needs)
Color: (Customized according to your needs)
Application: Office, factory, hospital
Service: Provide OEM, ODM service



• 1x Adhesive plaster coil DIN 13019-A (5 m x 2.50 cm)
• 12x Quick wound dressing DIN 13019-E (10 cm x 6 cm)
• 6x Finger tip bandage
• 6x Finger bandage (120 mm x 20 mm)
• 6x Plaster strip (19 mm x 72 mm)
• 12x Plaster strip (25 mm x 72 mm)
• 1x Dressing pack DIN 13151-K (8 cm x 6 cm)
• 3x Dressing pack DIN 13151-M (10 cm x 8 cm)
• 1x Dressing pack DIN 13151-G (12 cm x 10 cm)
• 1x Dressing cloth DIN 13152-A
• 6x Wound compresses (10 cm x 10 cm)
• 2x Eye compress
• 1x Immediate cold compress
• 1x Rescue blanket (210 x 160 cm)
• 2x Elastic fixation bandage DIN 61634-FB 8 (4 m x 8 cm)
• 2x Elastic fixation bandage DIN 61634-FB 6 (4 m x 6 cm)
• 2x Triangular cloth DIN 13168-D
• 1x Scissors DIN 58279-B 190
• 2x Foil bag
• 5x Disposable non-woven cloth
• 4x Disposable gloves DIN EN455
• 1x First aid instructions
• 4x Wet wipes for cleaning
• 2x Face masks
• 1x Table of contents
• 4x Sticker Emergency
• 6x Sticker different languages
• 1x Flyer with an imprint on front and back side (8,8×5,5 cm)


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