Braided Chemical Synthetic Thread (Lactide 910)

Agna Healthcare has been committed to the R&D, production, and sales of a series of products for medication administration, enteral Feeding Set, blood sample collection, modern wound care, and surgical drainage, etc.


Braided Chemical Synthetic Thread (Lactide 910)


 1. Strong initial tensile strength

 2. Guaranteed to support the wound for up to 6 weeks

 3. Smooth tissue penetration

 4. Easy to use

 5. Excellent dressing performance

 6. Tie the knot firmly

Composition: Polydioxanone

Coating: Coated with polydioxanone polymer

Absorption type: about 180 days to 210 days to be completely hydrolyzed and absorbed.

Always Predictable and Reliable

Tensile Strength: High initial strength and guaranteed for up to 56 days

Thread Color: Purple – Undyed

Structure: monofilament

Source: Synthetic

Available sizes: USP9/0 (0.3m) to USP2 (5m)

Sterilization: Ethylene Oxide


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