Closed Wound Drainage Tube with Trocar

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Closed Wound Drainage Tube with Trocar


1. It is very soft and has a good biocompatibility .Patients use it more safely and more comfortably.The length of the ostiole is about 30cm ,and the overall length is 90cm.
2. Many types of guiding core,it has the type of straight form and the bending type. The pinpoint and the real handle from a certain angle ,and it is convenient for doctors to operate piercing.
3. The body of the drainage catheter has developing lines and the X-ray can’t penetrate the body of the drainage catheter.
4. It is convenient to connect the drainage catheter with many drainage containers an-d negative pressure drainage devices.
5. The drainage area is very large, it is suitable for multiple drainage, the drainage is sufficient, the operation is convenient and safe,and the wound is small.

Type Size Material
YY 4F,6F,8F,10F,12F,14F,16F,18F,20F,22F,24F,28F,32F,36F PU/PVC
BY 7×3,7×5,10×3,10×5 PU/PVC
SY 4F,6F,8F,10F,12F,14F,16F,18F,20F,22F,24F,28F,32F,36F PU/PVC

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