Disposable Safety Needles all sizes best prices in the market CE/ISO/FDA

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Disposable Safety Needle caps with FDA 510k

A disposable sterilized injection needle combined with a safety guard is a needle that protects the safety
of medical personnel and patients, combined with a safety guard that prevents reuse and enables safe

It can be combined with all syringes, has good linkage, and reduces leakage and dead spaces. This product is a medical device that complied with ISO standards.
Produced in accordance with ISO standards;
Products certified by CE0197, ISO13485, FDA 510K, KGMP, INMETRO and CFDA;
E.O Gas Sterilization;
Shelf life: 5 years;
This product is a “disposable medical device”. 1. LDV Hub
The standard hub can combine with different kinds of standard
nozzle syringes. The color of the needle hub complies with
ISO7864(ISO6009), easy for the medical staff to distinguish the
needle specification.

2. Dead Space
By reducing the length of the needle hub, the empty space for
solutions is reduced.
3. Needle
It is produced for the purpose of injecting medicines into
human body. The needle tip is tightly sharp, and reducing the
pain. -Gauge: 18G-27G -Length: 13mm-40mm
4. Safety Shield
Specially design, automatic spring structure, easy for pulling
aside and pushing back to cover the needle tip. – Owns domestic and international patent. – Activates the safety mechanism by pressing it against a flat

Packaging methods
Ref No. Dimension Description
SN2325 1pc/blister, 100pcs/box 45*41.5*28cm/2000pcs Safety needle, 23Gx25mm
SN2340 1pc/blister, 100pcs/box 47*42*33cm/2000pcs Safety needle, 23Gx40mm




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