Square Urine Bag BY-83007/BY-83008

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Square Urine Bag BY-83007/BY-83008


Square Urine Bag BY-83007/BY-83008 Special Feature:

Bedside urine bags are designed to take urine through a catheter from the bladder. Used in a hospital, when the patient is lying down, attached to the patient’s bed.

  1. It is equipped with a valve against the backflow of urine.
  2. A drain valve at the bottom of the bag (T-shaped, screw, or other).
  3. The walls of the urine bag are transparent for better visibility of the color and amount of urine.
  4. The volume of the collected liquid is easily read from the scale located on the front of the urine bag.
  5. It is equipped with a long flexible kink-resistant tube. The tube ends with a conical connector with a cap, ideally suited to any size and type of catheter. It has sealed rings to secure the urine bag.
  6. Urine bags are available with fastening, and it is also possible to purchase a fastener separately.



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