AED-S1 Automatic External Defibrillator

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AED-S1 Automatic External Defibrillator


Product Parameter




Operation Security

Self-checking function

Data transmission and storage

Storage condition

Weight (with battery and pads installed): approximately 3.5 lbs

Size: 198mm (D)X 197mm (W) x67mm (H)

Waveform: Biphasic truncated exponential. It automatically diagnoses the heart rhythm and determines if a shock is needed. All iAED-S1 use an electronic voice to prompt users through each step. Most units are designed for use by non-medical operators.

Shock charge time: in less than 7 seconds with a new battery installed.

Energy delivered: default mode 150J-150J-150J.

Usage: adults and children over 55 pounds (25kg) or 8 years old. Electrodes is pre-connected available plug into the device on standby mode.

Capacity: support more than 200 defibrillations(can defibrillate 10 times after the device indicates low power), or at least 18 hours ECG monitoring.




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