Nasal Biliary Drainage Catheter

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Nasal Biliary Drainage Catheter


1. The tube is made of imported macroolecule material.
2. It is the preferred medical instrument in ERCP operation.
3. lt has the multihole design and the drainage effect is good.
4. There are many types for choosing,it can help locating,and it can prevent the slide of the wire efficiently.
5. It has the excellent suppleness and smoothness, it can pass the bottleneck easily,and it can ease patient’s pain and discomfortableness.
6. It has the excellent breaking resistance and the memory function of shapes, and it can develop under the X-ray.

Type Size Material
Left 6f/7f/8f/10f PE
Right 6f/7f/8f/10f PE
Common 6f/7f/8f/10f PE



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