Temporary Colostomy Bag

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Temporary Colostomy Bag


According to whether it can be returned, it can be divided into permanent and temporary; according to different stoma sites, it can be divided into sigmoid colostomy, descending colostomy, transverse colostomy, ascending colostomy, ileostomy, jejunostomy, etc. Among them, the sigmoid colostomy is more common; according to whether the intestinal tract is broken, it is divided into a single cavity stoma and a double cavity stoma.

It is made with EVOH film and non woven. EVOH is good at preventing odor, while non woven is soft enough to keep skin comfortable. It can be used widely in colostomy, ileostomy, sigmoid colostomy etc.

They are packed 20pcs in a box, 10boxes in a carton, with volum32.5cm x 22.5cm x 30.5cm. In the mean time, they are packed with plastic bag to prevent wet.



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