Viscose Sports Tape

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Viscose Sports Tape


  1. INCREASE PERFORMANCE & SPEED UP RECOVERY: Kinesiology taping promotes blood flow allowing more oxygen to be taken into the muscles allowing your body to recover faster as well as improve performances. CureTape also supports all joint functions allowing for better and more comfortable movements. Be the best version of yourself!
  2. 100% HYPOALLERGENIC & WATTERESISTENT: CureTape is made of high quality elastic therapeutic cotton with an hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive layer. CureTape carries the European TÜV quality mark and is made of safe-to-use, latex free materials. This kinesiology tape will not irritate the skin. CureTape can withstand swimming, long showers, intense workouts and much more!
  3.  THE BEST ADHESION: The hypoallergenic adhesive and skin-friendly properties enable the tape to endure much longer! The special glue layer is developed in a way so that it ensure long-lasting adhesion, but is still comfortable when taking it off the skin.
  4. TRUSTED BY 25.000 MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS: CureTape has trained over 25.000 people in becoming certified in the kinesiology taping method. Our tapes are currently avaiable in over 60 countries. Therefore CureTape is the most used kinesiology tape amongst medical professionals.
  5. START TAPING NOW: You can order your tape 100% risk-free with our money back guarantee & free return!


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