Arthroscopy pack

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Arthroscopy pack


Product use:
Disposable arthroscopic surgery pack, mainly suitable for arthroscopic surgery.
Product composition:
Its components ensure a resistant and waterproof covering adaptation in the surgical area to be treated. Its drape of arthroscopy with double elastic fenestration allows to isolate the incision area comfortably. In addition, the collection pouch helps fluid management.
Product name Angiograpy pack


1*Table cover 137X190cm;

1*Angiograpy drape 240X350cm;

2*Hand towels 30X40cm;

1*PE cover dia 86cm;

10*Nonwoven swabs 4pliesX10X10cm

Item No.  



PP+PE 60g

Packing 1pc/pouch,7pcs/carton Carton Dimension 50*35*32CM


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