Irrigation and Suction Catheter in Endoscopic Surgery

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Irrigation and Suction Catheter in Endoscopic Surgery


1. The device has dual functions of flushing and pumping,it has one-handed performance,it always keeps the leaves clear,it improves the accuracy of the operation,and it can prevent and control the infection and the complication after the operation.
2. The whole body is designed as dual-channel.
3. The fast switching valve is distinguished by the obvious shade guide, the operation of flushing and suction is more accurate and more efficient.
4. Two types of the hand shank is designed for doctor’s different choices.

Type Size
Pistol 3×280/5×280/8×280/10×280/3×330/5×330/8×330/10×330/3×420/5×420/8×420/10×420
Billiard 3×280/5×280/8×280/10×280/3×330/5×330/8×330/10×330/3×420/5×420/8×420/10×420

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