Lithotomy Pack

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Lithotomy Pack


Product use:
A disposable lithotomy pack is suitable for delivery, cystoscopy, hemorrhoidectomy and vaginal procedures. Each lithotomy pack contains a lithotomy drape, utility drape, leggings, etc.
Product composition:
Isolation: isolating contaminated areas from operating areas. Barrier: preventing fluid and microbial penetration. Fluid Control: collecting body fluid and irrigation fluids. Comfortable: light gram, soft, breathable. Soft, lint free, light weight, compact moisture resistant, nonirritating, and static-free.
Product name Lithotomy Pack


1 adhesive backed velcro 2.5X15cm

4 hand towels 30X40cm

1 lithotomy drape 70/160X310cm

1 table cover 137X190cm


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