Vacutainer Blood Sample Tube Plastic EDTA K2/K3

Agna Healthcare has been committed to the R&D, production, and sales of a series of products for medication administration, enteral Feeding Set, blood sample collection, modern wound care, and surgical drainage, etc.


Agna blood collection tubes are used to obtain a citrate plasma sample. They contain buffered sodium citrate solution, which is used as an anticoagulant. The tubes are available in a range of sizes in both plastic and glass and can be identified by a light blue cap. Agna plus citrate features innovative tube geometry that minimizes tube headspace and associated platelet activation to optimize APT monitoring of fractionated Heparin patients. You will always get a full draw with standard outside tube dimensions, even with small draw volumes. Agna plus citrate tubes are clinically proven in multi-center clinical trials for coagulation testing across all major patient populations and evaluated with the most widely used coagulation analytical systems.




1. PET material has the advantage of safety, low temperature resistance, lightweight

and environment protection.

  1. Manufactured in the 100,000-grade clean room, free from contamination. 
  2. Sterilized by irradiation, which can reduce the use risks.
  3. Accurate blood collection.
  4. High-quality rubber, without a drop of chips, no precipitate, and with a good seal 


  1. There isn’t silicon that appeared after the barrier gel has been centrifuged. The additive is 

prayed uniformly on the inner surface of the tube. These properties can protect the precise test machine.

  1. We can professionally customize the blood collection tube for the customer.
  2. We also supply the blood collection needle and needle holder.

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